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If you are unsure about the state of your roof, or if you’ve experienced some roof storm damage, we welcome you to get in touch with our roofing contractors. We would be proud to provide your home with a complete 22-point roof inspection to ensure the damage is documented and the necessary roof repair services can take place. 


Contact us to schedule your free roof inspection today! We’re happy to assist residents throughout the GeorgetownAustin, Pflugerville, LeanderCedar Park, and Round Rock, TX area. Discover our other professional services such as roof replacement, new roof installation, emergency roofing services, and more!

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Most insurance companies limit their claims for hail damage to one year.

It’s best to call an Ark roofing advisor as soon as you can following a hail storm. Hail damage can either be ‘functional’ or ‘cosmetic’ in nature. Cosmetic hail damage refers to damage that does not affect the viability of the roof to perform its function.

In 2013, the American Association of Insurance Services, introduced a “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” to allow insurers to avoid coverage for cosmetic damage. However, sometimes a roof that has been functionally damaged will be passed off as only cosmetically damaged by the insurance company.

At Ark Roofing, our qualified, trained roof inspectors will know the difference and can assist the homeowner to make sure the insurance designation is properly assigned.