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Start investing and building your home's value! Solar is the future and Ark Solar offers top affordable solar panel installation using top quality products. Both for Commercial and Residential!

Start investing and building your home's value! Solar is the future and Ark Solar offers affordable solar panel installation, both for Commercial and Residential!


TOP Services

Top Services We Offer

We offer top quality packages & products. Let the experts take care of you.

Solar Installation​

Our team has designed thousands of home solar systems to maximize our customer's savings!

1.49% Financing

We offer financing options as low as 1.49%. So get in touch today to see what financing options are available!

Panel Warranties

Our partners back everything they provide with several different warranties. Most up to 25 years!​

Why Go Solar?

In the 21st Century fossil fuels, oil, and other environment damaging sources of energy are becoming scarce to the mass population globally.

In an effort to restore our environment & keep energy cost-efficient, we’ve partnered with solar tech companies that will integrate the power of the Sun into your home.

Not only is this affordable, but profitable to the homeowner. With our solar technology, we can guarantee you a flat easy fixed rate that will be either equal to your current energy bill or 30% less.


STEP 1: Savings Report

You get a free energy savings report from our Solar team! This will show you the exact savings, estimates, and how many panels will be installed for your home.


STEP 2: Approval Process

The approval process literally takes 10 mins! The only requirement for approval is to have a 600+ credit score & show proof of homeownership!

STEP 3: Documents

Once approved, we will forward you documents to sign to begin the next steps to getting your solar system installed!

STEP 4: Site Survey

A site survey team will come out to make sure all safety precautions are being taken for your install. Our team will make sure your home is up to code and supports local regulatory processes for solar panels.


STEP 5: CAD/Permit

Once the survey teams has made sure your good to go, our team obtains all permits, and licenses to install panels on your home! This process takes up to 3-4 weeks but could be done much sooner!

STEP 6: Installation

After a successful install, We proceed to activating your system and backup generator panels if you opted in for the additional services!.

Save the Maximum Amount of Money

Companies lease solar panels to turn a profit. They take a share of the savings generated by using solar panels. Sure homeowners save money by leasing solar panels compared to paying for power from utility companies, but they spend more than they would be buying their own solar panels.

Buying a solar PV system generates a significantly better lifetime return on investment, making it a wiser financial decision.